Using for virtual facilitation

Tim recommended we take a look at as a facilitation tool. So we did. Having played with the free version…
for a while we have come to the conclusion it is pretty good for getting your message out there.

However, for the sort of physical / virtual meetings we have been playing with, we find it falls short.

What is good at:

  • Share your desktop with selected others giving each person a unique code.
  • a large number of others can view your desktop (100+)
  • Open a voice over IP channel with those sharing the view of your screen
  • Instant messaging facility for text chat.
  • The capability to transfer the broadcast to others
  • Clever stuff

What would be ideal for:

  • Broadcasting your thoughts to an attentive community.
  • Delivering a training session
  • Communicating a presentation or webinar
  • When we’ve tested in a group we have found its design tends to suppress two-way dialogue as whoever controls the visuals tends to dominate the group.

Therefore we would see as a useful tool for giving information rather than promoting true exchange of information between peers. It is a broadcast tool rather than a dialogue tool. Provided you understand this, it will work very well for you.

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