Latest data shows astonishing rate of progress in the field of graphene

Our work editing the Nixene Journal means we keep track of developments in the world of graphene every month.  Compiling and curating the articles provides a viewpoint that a small number of us share.  We are publishing volume three this year and when I stop to reflect, I am amazed at the pace of developments in this field.

There is a prime example in the latest edition.  A team of researchers at Huazhong and Jiaotong Universities in  China and Manchester, UK have created a Patent Analysis of the Graphene Industry.

This paper makes for fascinating reading.  One of the main findings was the sheer number of graphene patents that have been filed – over fifty thousand.

Chart showing the cumulative number of graphene patents filed between 2004 and 2017. This is free of copyright restrictions please share as you wish


Look closer and you will see that half of these patents were filed in the last three years of available data.

The team’s analysis of the data shows that while China has the lead in terms of the numbers of patents it is Samsung in South Korea that has created patents with the most value in terms of sustainable competitive advantage.

In essence the team has created a measure of the utility of filed patents to claim an area of industrial graphene research and development activity. What they have also revealed is the astonishing amount of work being done around the world in the field of graphene. Expect to see the results of this work in the products of the near future.




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