Industrially manufactured multi-layered large-scale sheet graphene samples have been received by the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC)

In the last entry, I mentioned that a graphene manufacturer had been in touch. That manufacturer was General Graphene, based in Knoxville Tennessee, USA.

Right now, General Graphene is one of only two companies in the world that has demonstrated the ability to manufacture polycrystalline sheet graphene at industrial scale, separate the graphene and layer it up. The other is Charmgraphene based in South Korea. (If anyone knows different please do get in touch).

They have been in touch again and this time they have sent the first samples of industrially manufactured graphene to ISEC.  Michael (Fitzer) Fitzgerald and Dennis Wright have the samples.

Fitzer took these pictures, we thought you’d like to see this too:

What General Graphene have just done was thought impossible just 18 years ago.

This is graphene industrially manufactured a large scale, separated from its forming substrate and then stacked one atom thin layer at a time on a target substrate.

This is not tether quality graphene, it is polycrystalline and the tether will require a Van der Waals homostructure made from single crystal graphene. This technology is still some way off at present.

You will also notice some tears and breaks in the samples. Remember this material is just thirty atoms thin. It is a testament to the strength of graphene that the material can be handled even now. 

While these samples might seem fragile right now, single crystal graphene will be even stronger and when it is layered up in thousands of atomic layers it will become virtually indestructible.  

When I presented to ISEC in Seattle in 2018, this industrial material was still theoretical.  You are now seeing it for real for the first time.

This demonstrates the astonishing pace of change taking place in the world of graphene and 2D materials.

This is why we say graphene has gone from impossible to industrial in 18 years.

Expect more to come…

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