The Future: A user's guide

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Adrian is a speaker at University business schools and corporate away days

Electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, super materials…
For most of us the future has arrived. But was it what we expected? And who decided it?

Adrian Nixon is a scientist who advises businesses on the future; yet he is keenly aware that the ‘future’, which interests corporations usually, equates to the average tenure of their chief executives.

Which is to say little more than around five years.

Drawing on a vast range of informed sources, Adrian’s illustrated talk considers the nature of change and evolves a method for understanding future trends.

When working on strategic planning projects with clients, more material is generated than is used. This un-used knowledge is usually longer term in nature and is normally regarded as sweepings from the cutting room floor.

Rather than abandon this material, Adrian has collected the more interesting trends together and would like to share some of his findings with you.

Discover the technologies that will really influence our children’s lives and what marvels lie ahead…