Identifying the vein of value in everything you do creates Useful and manageable information

Intelligent management reporting systems from Nixor are different.  Designed especially for your business, they provide you with quick and easy access to information that will help you to work better.

Often, management information systems can become so complex that it’s almost impossible to find or decipher the information you need to make informed decisions.

Or alternatively, you realise your company is paying expensive software licences but using only a fraction of the system’s capabilities.

Clear and streamlined operations

By cutting out unnecessary applications and focussing on what you want to achieve, our management information systems offer numerous benefits:

  • No expensive software licences
  • Enhanced use of existing Microsoft Office packages
  • Minimum impact on your IT systems
  • Professional graphic design, tailored to your needs
  • Potential to train staff to maintain the system

Visualise the future

By providing you with a visual representation of actions, timings and responsibilities for example, our management information systems make complex projects appear more straightforward and manageable.

Practical and effective information systems

Time Lining is our innovative software programme that gives you a clearer view of your company’s future.

Planning Matrix offers a clear picture of required action with projects involving multiple partner organisations.

Distributed Leadership – provides an at-a-glance communication and responsibility tool for smaller companies working together on larger projects.  Particularly useful for third sector companies submitting joint tender bids against large conglomerates.

Contact us today to see how your business could be more successful with clear, bespoke management information systems.