In a changing world some things are more stable than others. Recognising this in your organisation is critical

Clear plans for future growth

Successful public sector, private sector or third sector organisations, can all fall into the trap of complexity.

Perhaps your organisation is:

  • Too busy to stop and think clearly
  • Spending more time reacting than acting
  • Facing new, complicated challenges but isn’t sure where to start
  • Successful but doesn’t know where to go from here

Making sense of your strategy in this complex world is how we help. Our tried and tested methods allow you to structure your thinking and provide a focus for your future business planning.

How strategy and business planning works

A series of strategy workshops allows you to develop a clearer understanding of what and where your business is.

We determine where your business wants to be and, crucially, we lay out the steps that will take you there.

Strategy Workshop 1 – uses strategic models to help you understand:

  • What your business is good at
  • Competitive forces affecting your business
  • Impact of economic, environmental, social and political challenges

Strategy Workshop 2 – is about aligning employees’ strengths and personal goals with the company’s aims and objectives.

Strategy Workshop 3 – brings together Workshops 1 and 2, identifying the strategic gaps within your organisation with the potential to affect future development.

Strategy Workshop 4 – clear plans are developed, including a business strategy timeline, detailing what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Highly visual, yet simple to follow models, will clarify your thinking and offer a shared sense of purpose.

This final, vital stage leaves you with a framework and action plan that will help your business to work more effectively and efficiently.

Contact us today, to see how your business can benefit from the clear thinking and practical action planning provided by Nixor.