Graphene, a single layer of carbon is the new wonder material.  

Two hundred times stronger than steel, transparent and flexible, Graphene conducts heat and electricity better than any other material. It also has the highest melting point, somewhere around 4500 degrees centigrade.

This is a fast moving field and Adrian Nixon keeps a continual watch on the emerging technology of graphene research, applications and manufacturing.

Adrian provides the following services for organisations that need to be kept up to date with global developments:

Graphene Reporting Service:

  • A monthly report tailored to your organisation
  • Explaining what key developments have been made.
  • What this could mean for your business.
  • Supplier Evaluation and Shortlisting service
  • Understanding your needs for a graphene product
  • Identifying credible suppliers for the right source material
  • Creating a shortlist of suppliers that you can choose from.

Bespoke Presentations

Creating and delivering briefings about the current state of the art of graphene products, their applications and manufacture

Please contact for further details of these services.  Examples can be provided on request.

Adrian also writes a regular column about the world of graphene that can be read at this link: