Future Trends

Personal computers, the web, digital cameras, mobile phones… for most of us the future has arrived. However was it what we expected? And who decided it?

More to the point, where is all this confusion of technology taking us in the future?

Over the years I have build a vast range of informed sources, to make sense of these questions. Some of the strategic answers that emerge are fascinating.

How to predict the future? I don’t.

What I do is analyse emerging trends and develop informed views about the direction of travel. Everything is evidence based and continually updated.

I’m genuinely interested in the future direction of technology and science in particular. Some of you will have heard me speak at events ranging from cafe Scientifique to some of the UK’s largest business schools.

If you are interested in what is happening to the gadgets you use, the way you’ll shop, why distance will become very important and the next industrial revolution then keep an eye on the blog.

Event better, you can book me to speak at an event.

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Here is what people have said about the talks:

“A truly interactive session from Adrian.  Very enjoyable, thought provoking and educational.  The future is an undiscovered country!”

J. Hughes

“I saw Adrian speak on future trends at the University of Bradford School of Management, and with some reticence – ‘futurology’ is often little more than breezy opinion unfettered by rigour – but I needn’t have worried. Adrian presented a range of fascinating themes completely underpinned by hard data and careful insight, all the time picking out the Big Questions rather than contriving pseudo-answers. It has been said that strategic foresight is not about making predictions but about reducing surprise, and ‘The Future: a User’s Guide’ was terrific material for any strategist who doesn’t like surprises. Adrian describes the material as coming from his ‘cutting room floor’. If this is the case, then I’ve spent less productive time watching some ‘blockbusters’ than can be had in the company of Adrian’s off-cuts.”


“Adrian’s lecture “The Future: A User’s Guide”, delivered at Bradford University School of Management ran for the best part of two hours, but was worth every minute. A fascinating and thought provoking treatise, it has important implications for business and personal planning alike. I understand Adrian regularly updates it, so should you have opportunity to attend at the School or other venues I highly recommend it.”


“Strategy is the buzzword for many professionals and executives. However, many people struggle to present the issues facing businesses, organisations and even states in an interesting manner. I was able to attend Adrian’s lecture on strategy in the final Guest Lecture seminar for the year. It was delivered in exciting and enlightening way. In his lecture, I learnt how management goals, time frames and expectations affect the company’s plans and planning process. I ended up coming away with not only a better understanding of strategic issues and problems but also how the different perceptions and view points influence the formation of strategy. I look forward to going to more of Adrian Nixon’s presentations.”


“I recently attended Adrian’s incredible lecture during which he shared with us his passion and skill in asking ‘so what?’ on today’s issues to understand their possible longer term impact. The content and style of presentation made it both engaging and enjoyable. Most importantly however, I left with practical techniques to help me explore the longer term implications of seemingly one-off events. An extraordinary experience!!”