Action Learning

It’s no longer lonely at the top

As a chief executive officer or managing director, you’re the person who everyone else in an organisation looks to for the answers. Which can sometimes leave you feeling isolated.

After all, who can you turn to for advice? Where do you go to enhance your skills or refresh your thinking?

Action Learning is a structured, regular workshop designed to meet the development needs of business leaders from public, private and third sector (voluntary) organisations.

Benefit from clear thinking

As a business leader, the Action Learning offers you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills and techniques to make your business more successful
  • Learn from and with your peers
  • Focus your thinking and deliver clear actions
  • Discuss issues and challenges with other business leaders in a confidential environment
  • Share best practice procedures with different sectors
  • Keep updated with cutting edge business thinking
  • Discover a network of like-minded individuals

Active learning

Action Learning is based on the philosophy of ‘draw down not pour down’.

You will be an active participant in your own learning; drawing down the information that will enable you and your business to grow.

This powerful technique can revitalise your approach to business.

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Discovery learning for future success
We believe that individuals learn more effectively
when they discover the solution for themselves.

That’s why our training and coaching services are all about you.

We won’t blind you with science or drown you with information.

Instead our methods are based on our ‘draw down not pour down‘ philosophy’. We ask searching, thought provoking questions that will encourage you to realise the answers for yourself.

Our discovery method of training and coaching will:

  • Accelerate your learning
  • Increase learning retention
  • Give you a sense of achievement
  • Stimulate debate and encourage ideas
  • Enable you to solve problems more effectively
  • Lead to greater personal and business success