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Our Approach
  • How to know what you don’t know – infographic

    Foresight A thorny problem for those looking into the future is the issue Unknown Unknowns.  The abbreviation – ‘unk-unks’ – has even entered the Oxford English Dictionary. We would all like to know what lies ahead of us, but the fact is that most predictions are rather inaccurate. I’ll be […]

  • Flying Culture

    Dyce Airport Aberdeen

    Stepping off the plane on to the tarmac it feels like I’m stepping into a film set.  A bright red Bond helicopter flies low overhead, several others taxi into position nearby. This place is full of purposeful activity.  Yet that is not unusual for this commute to work. The reason […]

  • When goals get in the way of good strategy

    Distant goal on top of mountain

    Sounds great doesn’t it – Let’s have a bright shiny strategic goal. An eye catching challenge, A mountain top to climb. Something to rally the troops around. Many of the strategy projects I work on start like this;  The leadership team has a sense of unity around the destination, they have something […]

  • Why we are finding more gas than oil


    In the dash for new energy sources, particularly in the UK we seem to be finding more shale gas than oil, for example the BBC reports – http://bbc.in/19HchNC. Have you wondered why there seems to be more gas than oil? Oil exists underground. It was made there when organic rich […]

  • A Shale Gas Powered Airplane?

    airplane_ range_shale_gas

    Comparison of Shale Gas and Kerosene powered aircraft. The copyright owner (Adrian Nixon) grants unrestricted use of this image provided you quote the source. The current fracking boom in the USA and elsewhere is creating new supplies of fossil fuels. In particular, Shale Gas is being found in larger quantities […]

  • More experiences with mixed virtual / Physical groups


    We are getting the hang of facilitating mixed virtual and physical groups. We are innovating with small but significant incremental improvements. Tick Box – created by Rawich This group has people who attend physically, we also have people attending from all over the UK and also from Continental Europe. Readers […]